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HB 2284 is about common sense, not harassment 

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(PHOENIX, AZ)  Arizona Right to Life applauds Gov. Brewer for supporting HB 2284. As it is clear to most Arizonans, inspections at abortion clinics should not depend upon obtaining a warrant based on evidence of health or safety risks. Clearly, inspections are meant to proactively safeguard patients, and not move in reaction to potential safety issues. Why should abortion facilities in Arizona be held to a lower standard when the medical care of women is at stake? Only a blinding ideology could block such common sense measures, but then again, pro-abortion advocates are already blind to the reality that abortion is the dismembering of innocent preborn human beings. Why would we expect that their common sense would kick in now?


Spurious claims of possible privacy invasion and harassment by anti-choice zealots are carefully concocted fear tactics meant to reframe the message away from the clear double standard that abortion clinics are afforded. As we have seen recently with the Kermit Gosnell case in Philadelphia and the Live Action undercover video work here in our own state, the abortion industry, not women, benefits from keeping unannounced inspectors away. Ironically, the real war on women and their bodies is being waged by the pro-choice community, not those who are honestly and lovingly wanting what is truly best for women’s health.




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